Episode Synopsis


Episode 1:  3 Mini Muskateers, Prespawn Swim Jiggin’ Flats For Bass, Dude Approved Skills.

Episode 2:   Last Light Surprise , Deep Wacky Smallies, A Secret Castback Trick Revealed.

Episode 3:   Mid Day Topwater Tactics, Off-shore Spinnerbait Bass, Tag Teamin’ To Seal The Deal.

Episode 4:   Windy Coldfront Pike, Pitchin’ Dock Bass, Raise Em On One, Catch Em On Another.

Episode 5:    A Cold Front Reef Crankin Trick, Hour Glass Bass, Toe-To-Toe With A Bruiser.

Episode 6:    Sweet Musky, Black Bottom Bay Bass, Zig Zag Topwater Muskies.

Episode 7:    October Minnow Bait Muskies, Cribs, Bass & Swim Jigs, Spying Cruiser Muskies.

Episode 8:   Figure 8s & Big Pike,  Dude Bassin’, The Eclipse Titan.

Episode 9:   A Tried & True Coldfront Tactic, Off-Shore Pencil Grass Bass, Moonrise & One Last Spot.

Episode 10:   High Winds & Cove Pike, Big Structure & Bronzebacks, Cover Tight Topwater Muskies

Episode 11:   October Weed Clump Muskies, Swim Jig Brushpile Bass, Boatside Bruiser Musky

Episode 12:   Big cranks & Night Walleyes, Off-Shore Reef Smallies, Rock Wall GlideRaider Muskies.

Episode 13:   October Minnow Bait Muskies, Shallow Cover Bassin, The Hunt For Goliath

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