Joe Bucher is a National Freshwater-Fish Hall Of Fame Legendary Angler and one of the most highly regarded multispecies  authorities in the outdoor trade. He has been an on-camera talent for 24 years.  While his specialty is arguably muskies, Joe is equally adept at catching bass, walleyes, and other gamefish.

Joe has also authored six books  as well as being a regular contributing writer for many regional and national publications.   His articles regularly appear in the pages of Outdoor News Publications as well as Musky Hunter Magazine, which he founded.   He has been a writer  for over 35 years with his first article appearing when he was just 19 years old!

He has pioneered many of the musky angling concepts that are-now considered mainstream techniques, and his big gamefish lure designs spawned an exciting surge in the overall focus on muskies as the featured sportfish of Midwestern anglers.

Joe Bucher is also one of the most highly sought after seminar orators for big gamefish in the-country today drawing crowds of both fans as well as hard-core anglers anxious to learn more from one of the true masters of big_fish.   But let’s not forget that he also writes, produces and plays his own music instrumentals for his TV series.






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