Airing Schedule



24/7/365 fishing shows.  Best fishing channel on_TV.   The long term home of FWJB.  Starting 1st week in January.   

DISH Network:  channel 394                    Charter:   channel 313           Comcast:  channel 76

Tuesday:   8:30 pm ET

Wednesday 3:30 am ET

Saturday:  4:30 pm ET

All times are eastern standard time.



FSN is carried by just about every local & regional cable-company in the Great Lakes Region and is on Direct TV all over North America.

Direct TV: ch 668 & 669   DISH Network: ch 436  Charter:  ch 27  Comcast:  ch 963   TWC:  ch40

Saturday 11:30 am  CST   * only airs the 1st Quarter

TV 12 – northern WI NBC_station airs FWJB on 12:30 am Sunday nights.   

On-Line – Check out Joe’s new on-line You Tube channel airing classic segments in a short format.  No commmercials. Click the on-line hyper link here and go directly to our you tube channel!

MOTV_thumbnail – on-demand.  Click the MOTV icon for info.  A Netflix style outdoor station!

FWJB-LR  Our own worldwide youTube channel!   Click the icon to take your there!  FWJB 24/7/365!!!

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